What is ShawnAllen.net

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I have many interests other than helping you mend your body -- hobbies such as writing, painting, martial arts, podcasting, gardening and several other things. At times I find it challenging to separate what I do during my "day job" from the other things that also define me, there always seems to be degree of overlap. In your spare time feel free to come visit my site, grab a cup of coffee and come join me. 

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Doctoring Jiu Jitsu: A clinicians journey into the Brazilian martial art known as "the gentle art".

Built on the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using technique, leverage and smarts. This art is about movement and strategy. I have learned much about myself and life from this art. I have some things to say.

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A Writers Block: My journey inward into the things that intrigue me.

Stories, insights, epiphanies, lies, failures and other nonsense. There have been some wild rides, interesting times, deep lows and mountain top highs. Come join me for some of my writings on various topics that make me wonder what in the world we are all doing here.

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Paint it Black: My journey into the creative arts. 

A raw untaught clear novice pics up a brush, pastels, and other mediums and makes a terrible mess.  Come visit a few years of my successes, flops, and experiments. It is all a work in progress, but I would rather fail than not try at all. Go easy on this novice, I am still finding my sea legs while summoning the muse.

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